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 A Squared Voice Over:

Amanda Altier has been acting since she was six years old, performing in plays in Northern California and recording imaginary commercials and character voices on cassette tapes. Later, she would teach, act, and direct at several childrens' theaters across the US, and would ultimately get her BFA in theater and become Co-founder and Artistic Director of the Columbia Shakespeare Festival, and 5th Wall Productions in Columbia, Missouri.

After defeating cancer and giving birth to her premature baby, August Altier, Amanda devoted her time to raising him. However, her time performing was not over, as August too had a love of acting (especially when it came to making character voices).

To stave away boredom during the Covid-19 pandemic, Amanda and August enrolled in voice acting lessons in their home town of Las Vegas. But what started as a hobby soon became the start of two blossoming careers they could have only dreamed of having.

We are Amanda and August Altier. A dynamic mother and son voice over duo who have been playing with mics since 2006.



Amanda Altier

August Altier

Commercial DemoAmanda Altier
00:00 / 01:28
Commercial DemoAugust Altier
00:00 / 01:54

   Studio Specs   

Primary Mic: Rode NT-1

Pre-Amp/Interface: Audient iD-4

Preferred DAW: Adobe Audition

Main Computer: iMac


   Contact/Social Media   



Source Connect: asquaredvo


Instagram: asquaredvo

Newest Projects!

Do you crave a story with suspense, eccentric characters, and fantastic twists and thrills?

If so, check out August's newest audiobook: KT and the Ride of the His Life. An adventure anyone in the family can enjoy, follow the journey of KT, who's bike accident leaves him temporarily paralyzed and dropped into a mystery only he and his friend Fritzie can solve!

If you like classic, psychological mysteries and thrillers with an 80's flair, you will love
KT and the Ride of this Life!

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